About Siyan Trans Express

Siyan Transit Express is one of best logistic in Djibouti and Ethiopia. Moreover,We provide a complete logistics solution. such as Air, sea,Rail and land freight with state of the art warehousing. Furthermore, we deliver shipments faster and safe to the door at destination in Djibouti. we provide expert knowledge of the Export/import business for all types of goods. Our port agents and customer clearance services has a reputation for cost-effectiveness. Besides that we always pay special attention to the customer’s specific needs from our logistic in djibouti. In changing business environments we need Global information . thus we must understand the business partners dialogue and effective communication.  Also with both the local business culture(Djibouti and Ethiopia) and the market.

Siyan ‘s HISTORY

SIYAN TRANS EXPRESS is a leading logistic in Djibouti and Ethiopia. Moreover, is the best Logistic in Djibouti . it started in September 2008.

Its headquarter is in downtown Djibouti within a walking distance. it is where government offices, banks,hotels and business centers are. Rue Verdon, Boulevard Cheick Osman, Djibouti, Republic of Djibouti.

Our Services

Siyan Transit Express is one of logistic in Djibouti and Ethiopia. Moreover we Provide logistic services and end-to-end supply chain solutions. Regardless of the volume or type of cargo. Siyan is highly trained and experienced professionals provide a variety of logistics services. we make sure that our logistic services providers play their role. distribute products to customers safely and on time. Trucking your goods especially in Djibouti and Ethiopia

  • storage facilities and shipping container as best  logistic in Djibouti and Ethiopia.
  • The call of the goods abroad, at the request of the customer, if it is necessary.
  • We provide global integrated end-to-end logistic solutions  to our customers. 
  • we Import/Export by Air, Ocean and Land. Also the range of Supply Chain Solutions can vary from simple transport.
  • storage up to complex operations.
  • Transport your goods using pallets if necessary

Our Partners

 Siyan Transit is among the most reliable logistic in Djibouti and Ethiopia. Moreover, is in partnership with :

Member of International network: AOP, C5C, PPP, FRONTLINE LOGISTICS,

Member of ATD: Djibouti Freight Forwarding Association (Association des Transitaires Djiboutiens)

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